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 "Shaping Your Imagination"

Interior Point. The vantage point for obtaining every furniture solution. Based in Mumbai, WE provide an end-to-end furniture design service right from customised pre-design illustrations to the final finishing touches.

The practice was founded in 2003 in a sedate fashion by enterprising individuals. The young team of skilled and talented professionals have since then propelled the business to five-fold as the projects have increased in scale and variety.

We take great pride in our capability to provide both the quantity and quality of square feet inhabited by your furniture. Our portfolio demonstrates a range of design styles from ultra modern to Indian furniture. It is always about expressing the client’s needs, lifestyle and personality.

Our highly creative design solutions are harmonious, inviting and always liveable. We aim to express our client’s domestic fantasies, corporate needs or professional goals. Our projects range from urban family homes, apartments, holiday pads to hotels, pads, lounges, clubs, restaurants and executive offices.

Competitive pricing, Durability and excellent after Service are the glowing attributes that have played a pivotal role in placing. Interior Point on the path of success and glory.

Come and create your dream home with us.